Summaries of Most Significant Updates

Please read the entire modified Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy for more detailed information, as this summary is only intended as a quick overview (and not a full description) of the significant updates or the sections which contain significant updates.



Summary of Most Significant Updates (February 9th, 2016)

Terms of Use, Section 19:  With a few exceptions, all claims must be resolved in binding arbitration and only on an individual (and not class action) basis.  This section also describes certain requirements that apply before and on commencing an arbitration, how certain arbitration costs may be handled and the requirements if you wish to opt-out of the mandatory arbitration and class action waiver. 


Terms of Use, Section 20:  Any arbitration will be held in the U.S. county or territory of your residence except if you do not reside in the U.S. and are subject to VII’s request to transfer an arbitration to New York, New York as described in this section.  Any permitted court actions will still be held in New York.


Terms of Use:  We have updated the websites, applications or other interactive services to which the Terms of Use applies.

Terms of Use, Section 2:  We’ve updated information about registration methods that we may provide.

Terms of Use, Section 9:  We’ve described in these Terms how to contact us regarding closed captioning which has also been available through a link on the Site.


Terms of Use, Section 15:  We’ve updated the disclaimer and limitation of liability.

Terms of Use, Section 16:  We’ve updated your responsibility to indemnify us to also include indemnification for your use of the Site or our use of your posts as permitted by you. 


Privacy Policy:  We’ve updated the websites, applications or other interactive services to which the Privacy Policy applies.